COVID-19 Exposure Protocol | 20 MILE ATHLETIC CENTER

COVID-19 Exposure Protocol

COVID-19 continues to directly affect our community and we rely on guidance from the state of Colorado and Douglas County in making our facility as safe as possible. To minimize health risks to other athletes and coaching staff, as well as ensure the financial viability of 20 Mile Athletic Center, the following procedures must be followed in the event your athlete becomes exposed to or contracts COVID-19:

  1. Inform both the coaches and front desk staff of your athlete’s exposure to the virus, or any symptoms. Front desk staff contacts are (Sheri) and (Tiffany); and (Cesar). Please include all three in your notification along with your child’s coach.
  1. Quarantine your athlete for minimum 14 days
  2. Athlete may not return to the facility until the two-week period has passed
  3. After the 5-day virus incubation period has passed, you may choose to get your athlete a Covid-19 test. With a successful negative test result, the athlete may return to the facility
  4. Upon receiving a negative test result, please provide documentation to 20 Mile for our records
  5. A positive test or no test will require the athlete to stay out of the gym for the full 14-day duration.  If symptoms persist, do not return to the gym but keep the coach and front desk informed.
  6. If a family member (i.e. sibling, parent, or close relative) has been exposed to the virus and has been in close contact to your athlete, your athlete must quarantine for a 14-day period. Regardless of your athlete not attending the same educational or social activities, they must isolate for the two-week time frame. They will not be allowed into the facility.  As stated above, after a 5-day period they may get Covid-19 test, and upon a negative result, they may return to the gym for workout.

Additionally, here are the revised rules and guidelines that all 20 Mile Athletic Center gymnasts and families will need to follow to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus.   Please read each item carefully.

Policies and Procedures:

1. Everyone is required to wait outside until the scheduled start time of their practice or class.

2. Please use hand sanitizer prior to entering the gym.  There will be hand sanitizer at the entrance for everyone to use when entering the facility.

3. Upon entering the gym, each gymnast will have their temperature taken by a touchless thermometer and be signed in with a record of their temperature.  A reading of 99.0 degrees and below is acceptable.  Following current guidelines, anything above 99.0 degrees will result in the child being sent home.  Please keep in mind that physical activity, dehydration and simply standing in the hot sun can elevate temperature readings.  Please avoid these for at least 30 minutes prior to coming to practice.

4. Each gymnast will need to bring a gym bag with them everyday with everything they will need for practice.  This bag will go home with them everyday.  Anything left in the gym after practice ends will be thrown away – no exceptions!  Please encourage your kids to be responsible with their belongings.  Note: locker rooms have been closed until further notice.

5. Drinking fountains are closed and wrapped. Each gymnast will need to bring a water bottle with them each day. We recommend bringing at least 64 oz. of water to each practice.  It is hot in the summer months and hydration is crucial for optimal physical functioning.  Water bottles will need to be thrown away after practice or taken home and washed.  Any water bottles left in the gym after a practice ends will be thrown away. 

6. No food will be allowed in the gym.  Please encourage your gymnasts to eat prior to coming to practice.  You can have a snack ready for them when you pick them up but they will not be given a break during practice and they will not be allowed to eat in the facility. 

7. We encourage everyone, parents and kids alike, to practice good nutritional habits.  It is important to keep in mind, no matter how advanced we are as a society, we are all biological beings.  Proper sleep, nutrition and hydration is absolutely essential to function as a human being.  This may seem silly to mention, but poor sleep, nutrition and/or hydration habits are a very common issue among team members.

8. Only one person at a time will be allowed in the restrooms.  Hand washing signs will be posted in each restroom to remind kids to wash their hands.

9. Parents will not be allowed in the lobby area or the gym.  This is necessary to keep the numbers down in the facility.  

10. All staff will be temperature checked and signed in as well.  The same rules will apply for staff as for the gymnasts.

11. Doors will be opened and remain open for ventilation.

12. All coaches will be wearing masks but gymnasts will not be required to do so. Performing gymnastics with a face covering can pose a serious injury risk and is not advised.

13. Team gymnasts will need to bring a large tupperware container with lid with their own chalk and honey to use.  Below is a link to where you can go to buy chalk:

Due to social distancing guidelines, we’re required to stagger our practices and class times.  For that reason, there’ll be changes to the days and times of some practices and classes.  We apologize for changes in the schedule but with the limited numbers allowed in the gym, we need to remain flexible.

Each level will be getting their full hours per week, so we will not have to sacrifice our practice time. 

If you have any questions regarding teams, please email your team coach, or Coach John at  We will continue to provide updates on when we expect to begin Phase Three, as new information comes in.