Child Safety

Child Safety

At 20 Mile Athletic Center, we’re dedicated to providing a safe environment for your children.  We believe that you should feel 100% confident in bringing your child to our facility. Below you can view our safety guidelines and the checklist we follow to educate and train our staff regarding child safety.


All team Coaches are in good standing, or equivalent to USA Gymnastics Professional members.

All staff members are CPR and First Aid Safety certified: renewals are pending

All staff has a current criminal background check on file.

Coaches have read and acknowledged our written policy on misconduct.  This Policy:

  • Prohibits staff from using electronic communications (including social media) with students or staff members in a way that could be seen as insulting, disruptive, offensive, sexually explicit, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or in any other way that can be construed to be harassment or disparagement of others.Prohibits one-on-one transportation of athletes, or overnights without a chaperone with a current criminal background check
  • Prohibits coach/athlete fraternization, regardless of age
  • Prohibits being alone with an athlete
  • Has specific rules about massages and stretching
  • Defines and prohibits grooming behavior, emotional, verbal, and physical abuse, bullying, hazing, initiation rituals, harassment, and physical punishment by staff or athletes.

We do not allow athletes to be alone with staff
Coaches are never allowed to be in the gym alone with student without a parent or guardian
A coach should never be alone with an athlete

We do have security cameras in the facility
Video surveillance can provide an objective record of misconduct and protect both gymnasts and coaches if inappropriate behavior is alleged.  Not all areas are under camera surveillance

Rules on photography and videography
Photo release documentation is part of our registration form. If you choose not give authorization, your child’s photo may not be used on our website.  Photographs or videos of gymnasts and storage of those images are closely monitored.

Parents are always allowed to attend practice

Policy regarding impaired coaching
Immediate action will be taken if a coach seems drunk, high or just out of sorts.

What to do if you see inappropriate behaviors
Contact our administrative staff. You can do this anonymously